You might be an organization assessing your workplace’s culture, a conference team committed to planning an inclusive event, or an individual who wants to learn how to design accessible presentations. Whether you need a single session or a package, onsite or online, our consultations are customized to fit your budget while supporting your goals.

Here are a few examples of how we can help you meet your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals:


  • Equity and Inclusion Assessment
  • Inclusive Recruitment + Hiring Practices
  • Improved Diversity Statements
  • Inclusive Leadership Development
  • Diverse-Hire Retention Assessments


  • Conference Accessibility Procedures
  • Conference Inclusion Best Practices
  • Conference Diversity Planning
  • Code of Conduct Assessment
  • Crisis Management Support


  • Accessible Presentations
  • Inclusive Curriculum Development
  • Disclosing Underserved Identities
  • Asserting Yourself as an Underserved Individual

Rates include daily (onsite), hourly (online), or custom packages. Please inquire for details.