Professional Development

Our integrated training approaches will boost your professional development with the tools to become successfully inclusive or to guide successful inclusion programs. Our online and onsite training formats allow for independently guided modules for individuals, discussion-based group education, or customized skills building for organizations of every type and size.

Our person-centric modules begin with implicit bias education and awareness building, then delve into various identities, backgrounds, and experiences of diverse individuals. Our trainings cover race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, barriers to educational access, and more. We offer a particular focus on diverse recruitment practices, welcoming cultures, and equitable mentorship and retention practices. What makes our trainings unique? Every one of our trainings is developed, tested in, and taught from the perspectives of diverse individuals.

A list of our selected training, along with their formats, is included below. E-Learning content may additionally be accessed through the “Online Courses” tab.

Are you ready to make your organization successfully inclusive? Do you need onsite facilitation?

Intro to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Address implicit biases and gain a foundational awareness of what it means to “hire diversity”, to be “inclusive” and to promote “equity”.

Format: E-Learning
Skill Level: Inclusion Participant
Length: 90 min.

STEM Inclusion 101

Gain foundational skills for engaging underserved STEM individuals through safe and supportive methods.

Format: E-Learning
Skill Level: Inclusion Participant
Length: 90 min.

Allyship in Motion© (AiM) Course Certificate

Informs leaders who AiM to relinquish biases in hiring practices and to fully include underserved individuals.




beyond “hiring diversity” to become diverse.

discourse deeper than basic knowledge.

allyship into action.

Format Onsite + E-Learning
Skill Level Inclusion Advancer
Length 3 Hours Online + 4 Hours In-Person

CARES© Certification Program

Our exclusive 5-Step CARES model will help you to effectively activate allyship. Employers who care will inclusively recruit, retain, and promote underserved individuals.

*CARES certification includes long-term strategic diversity and inclusion planning to your organization’s vision. Click to learn more about our benefits!

Format Onsite + E-Learning
Skill Level Inclusion Practitioner
Length 4 Hours Online + 16 Hours In-Person

Staff Nurturing Active Awareness Program (SNAAP©)

Equips staff with the skills to recognize vulnerabilities within LGBTQ+ STEM community while understanding their own reactions and guiding articulate responses.

Format: Onsite or Registered Group Online
Skill Level: Community Supporter
Length: 2 Hours

Suicide Alertness for Everyone (safeTALK)

LivingWorks safeTALK curriculum, taught by certified safeTALK trainers. safeTALK provides participants with in-depth skills to recognize signs of suicide, engage someone they think is thinking of suicide, and ensure a connection to safety.

Format: Onsite (minimum 10 people)
Skill Level: Suicide Alert Helper
Length: 4 Hours