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Your dedication to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity is a long-term commitment to humanizing all individuals. Whether you are just beginning this journey, or ready to activate your inclusion skills, our trainings will bolster your professional development every step of the way.

We invite you to look through our our various trainings by browsing this website, requesting material, or communicating directly with us. All trainings include a ‘Skill Level’ with them, that will guide you along the way. For custom experiences, please reach out to us directly.

Inclusion Apprentice

As an Inclusion Apprentice, you value diverse and welcoming workplaces! You might have some experience, but seek to address your questions about particular identities or etiquette. You are committed to becoming educated on these topics.

Inclusion Practitioner

As an Inclusion Practitioner, you are actively implementing inclusion efforts in your workplace. You recruit, mentor, and retain underrepresented individuals and your are committed to supporting their leadership.

Inclusion Ally

As an Inclusion Ally, you may still have some questions, but you are well on your way to active inclusion! You seek to understand when and how to speak up for underrepresented individuals. You are comfortable stepping aside. You are strategizing how to employ your skills as an ally.

Community Supporter

As a Community Supporter, you are dedicated to individuals facing vulnerable circumstances. You understand how to ask direct questions that seek to understand an individual’s wellbeing, Finally, you are alert to resources and able to connect individuals in crisis directly to a qualified crisis interventionist.

Inclusion Catalyst

As an Inclusion Catalyst, you are prepared to set your allyship skills into motion. You have the basics down and are a committed ally. You are ready to begin having tough conversations and activating change within your workplace.

The facilitators were very supportive and encouraged conversation, which created a safe space to openly talk about tough topics. I loved the content and really liked having the open dialogue ability.

~ C.R.

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